About Us

With over 25 years of experience, Eternity Monuments, Inc. of Cleveland, OH is here to help you and your family. We use state of the art equipment to create a memorial to your loved one that perfectly fits your needs. We proudly serve all of Northeast Ohio. We have appointments available by request, and our owner will come to you. There’s no need to come to us, because we come to see our clients directly for consultations.

Community Involvement

Eternity Monuments, Inc.Our company has been involved with the community of Northeastern Ohio for years. Our owner, Tim Stallman, truly cares about his community and has donated a lot of his time and effort to improving things in and around the Northeast Ohio area.

We’ve worked on and restored the Confucius memorial statue that overlooks the Chinese Cultural Garden in Cleveland, OH. Read More

Eternity Monuments’ owner, Tim Stallman, is deeply involved with his community and truly cares. He was featured in the Morning Journal in 2011, shown removing graffiti from the Veteran’s Memorial at Veterans Memorial Park in Lorain, OH. Vandals had destroyed the monument, and Tim donated materials and his time to restoring the monument. He did this all, of course, out of love for his community. Read more and watch the video

In 2013, a young girl from Berea, OH raised about $2,000 through her school for a headstone for her mother’s grave, which at the time of her death, the family could not afford. She did this by creating trinkets and crafts and selling them to parents, classmates and teachers. Her family and teachers were extremely impressed with the thoughtfulness of this act, and supported her all the way. Once she raised the money, Eternity Monuments had the privilege of creating and installing a beautiful headstone for the girl’s mother. This touching story goes to show how people in the community are willing to help each other, and Eternity Monuments was proud to be a part of the whole process. Read More


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